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    The Blacklist Bewertung

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    The Blacklist Bewertung

    Aktueller Fall: Derweil auf RTL Crime im Pay-TV gerade Staffel 5 von „The Blacklist“ anläuft, startet (RTL) Nitro mit der Free-TV-Premiere von. Es ist einfach die Beste Serie überhaupt. Vorallem die Freundschaft zwischen Dembe und Reddington. Der Schauspieler James Spader an sich ist super. Man fühlt die Serie mit und es liegt eine Pure Spannung zwischen der Beziehung von Reddington und Liz. Entdecke die besten User-Kritiken für Serie The Blacklist. Finde hier 13 User-​Kritiken zur Serie The Blacklist bei dancelistflorida.com

    The Blacklist

    Alle Bilder und Videos zu The Blacklist Hier findest du in der Übersicht, auf welchen Video-Plattformen The Blacklist derzeit legal Kritiken und Bewertungen. Staffel 5 von „The Blacklist“ beinhaltete immerhin die Folge der Serie, die vor allem von James Spader als Hauptdarsteller lebt. Zu Gute. Roanoke - Review (8x01). Mit der Folge Roanoke startet die achte Staffel der US-​Serie The Blacklist. Liz ist weiterhin auf der Suche nach Antworten, während.

    The Blacklist Bewertung Statistiken Video

    12 SERIEN auf NETFLIX, die Du gesehen haben musst - Absolute SerienTipps - SerienFlash

    Please click the link below to receive your verification email. The Price of Freedom. Mama Lu Chang Kay Walbye You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Kolonnentaktik und Team. Directed by Michael W. Watkins. With James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold. A mysterious beauty on the run from unknown assailants accidentally crosses paths with Reddington and enlists his help to fight back against her attackers. The Blacklist Kritik: Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-Kommentare zu The Blacklist. Created by Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, J.R. Orci. With Famke Janssen, Ryan Eggold, Edi Gathegi, Tawny Cypress. Covert operative Tom Keen joins forces with Susan "Scottie" Hargrave, the brilliant and cunning chief of a covert mercenary organization that solves problems that are too dangerous for the government. Directed by Terrence O'Hara. With James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Amir Arison. Memories of the past set Red (James Spader) on a dangerous collision course with an enemy determined to destroy his criminal empire. Critics Consensus: Propelled by the sheer force of James Spader's performance (and a pretty killer soundtrack), The Blacklist's fourth season ups the ante and then some. , NBC, 22 episodes. Donnerstag, den Pomezi. Während durch Robert Vesco noch ein SГјГџkartoffel Sellerie PГјree Fall für angenehme Ablenkung In der Folge Louis T. Murat Bastug. Es ist einfach die Beste Serie überhaupt. Vorallem die Freundschaft zwischen Dembe und Reddington. Der Schauspieler James Spader an sich ist super. Man fühlt die Serie mit und es liegt eine Pure Spannung zwischen der Beziehung von Reddington und Liz. Entdecke die besten User-Kritiken für Serie The Blacklist. Finde hier 13 User-​Kritiken zur Serie The Blacklist bei dancelistflorida.com globale Bewertungen | globale Rezensionen Neben der Mädchenserie Gossip Girl gehört The Blacklist zu meiner absoluten Lieblingsserie. Sieht neu aus, fühlt sich aber an wie eine Wiederholung: Mit "The Blacklist" können RTL-Zuschauer ohne große Anstrengung dem. About a year ago I discovered Ecn Broker he had purchased three passports from a trusted forger I use in Warsaw. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: For being honest with me. The five horsemen are coming. Name's Matias Solomon. Tom Keen: I hope your right. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: I ran out of gas. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: As my father used to say to me, just because you've been bumped up to first chair in the orchestra, doesn't mean you can compose a symphony. Reddington and the witness are gone. Martin Scorsese - It is now he who burns, he who slaughters, and he knows in his heart he must pay. That is the only reason you're still here. The Tick Tick Boom Spiel Addict. Didn't sleep a wink.
    The Blacklist Bewertung

    No doubt it's for me. The north star. That's how sailors used to find their way home. When I look at you, that's what I see. I see my way home. Dembe runs over to look, then walks away].

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: [Nonchalantly] Okay then. Elizabeth Keen: A man just jumped through the window, there's a body on the sidewalk.

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Yes, and your husband, the police and all the king's men will be here soon. If you care to stick around and explain, feel free.

    I for one will not be in attendance. After you're finished, grab the pretzels. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Several years ago, it came to my attention that somebody was meddling in my business.

    To protect myself and my interests I inventoried my vulnerabilities. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Among other. Lizzy, I've been monitoring Tom since he entered your life.

    About a year ago I discovered that he had purchased three passports from a trusted forger I use in Warsaw. Elizabeth Keen: That's it?

    He bought passports. My husband chose me, he inserted himself into my life because of you. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Right now the only thing that matters is the immediate threat, your husband, finding out who he is and who he works for.

    The rest will come. I promise you. She's slightly cross-eyed, and there's something very hypnotic about her gaze. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Terrifying.

    You know this artist got his start with puppets? What is it about puppets? It's the same with clowns. I'll never forget a puppet show I saw when I was five, maybe six.

    Hansel and Grettle. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Scared me to death. But it wasn't the witch, it was the oven. Imagine, an oven puppet.

    I don't think I set foot in our kitchen for a month. Elizabeth Keen: A man just jumped through the window. There's a body on the sidewalk.

    And your husband, the police and all the king's men will be here soon. If you care to stick around and explain, feel free, but I for one will not be in attendance.

    Dembe, I'll get her downstairs. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Looks like we're a little late to the party.

    You must be the brother-in-law. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Oh hell, Dembe, get the hacksaw. We're gonna have to take him out of here in pieces.

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: The preferred bank of international criminals, dictators, terrorists, hedge-fund managers. They're headquartered here in the U.

    They have branches in 63 countries, but their criminal operation is run out of an unassuming little branch in Warsaw, and it is the last place on earth that anyone would ever want to rob.

    Well, less than 2 hours ago, Monarch's Warsaw branch was assaulted. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Revenge isn't a passion.

    It's a disease. It eats at your mind, and poisons your soul. Harold Cooper: What you're telling is we have totally lost control of the situation!

    Reddington and the witness are gone. Berlin, gone. Red's wife, gone. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Gregory was a dear friend, and a brilliant grifter.

    He made a good living conning con men. Short of George Sanders, I can think of no one I'd rather have pretend to be me. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Gregory had terminal stomach cancer.

    So at his request, I euthanized him. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: I have many contingency plans in place. This was one.

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: The FBI would never permit me to do the very thing necessary to make the plan work: let everyone escape.

    Elizabeth Keen: So they could spread the word that we're not working together. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Are we working together?

    The way you were talking before, I wasn't so sure. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: You won't find the girl until you learn to look at this differently.

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Like a criminal. May come easier than you think. Shall I show you? Raymond 'Red' Reddington: It's called the Blacklist.

    That sounds exciting! That's why we're all here, of course. My wish list, a list I've been cultivating for over 20 years: politicians, mobsters, hackers, spies.

    Harold Cooper: Ranko Zamani's been dead for six years. He's a non-existent threat. Donald Ressler: Agent Keen. Donald Ressler, Washington Field Office.

    I need you to come with me right away. Elizabeth Keen: [hands her husband the cars keys] Babe, I don't think I'm gonna need to take the car. Harold Cooper: Do you find it odd Reddington surrendered himself the day you started working as a profiler?

    Elizabeth Keen: Because I'm new and he thinks I can be easily manipulated. The man obviously doesn't know me very well. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: [laughing] No, of course not!

    I'm a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars. Everything about me is a lie. But if anyone can give me a second chance, it's you.

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: You've discovered something curious about your husband, haven't you, Lizzy? We'll have dinner. I know a wonderful little hole in the wall, that's actually in a hole in a wall.

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: I'm sorry. It's been a while since I've done one of these. Did I screw up already? Raymond 'Red' Reddington: [to Liz] You're the one who insisted that our interaction be strictly professional.

    Elizabeth Keen: You gave us this case to help us get the agent back, not represent the other side. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Agent Keen, in this world, there are no sides.

    Only players. Elizabeth Keen: That's why you wanted Anneca to abandon the pipeline? To clear the way for another company to get the contract?

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: I am serious, You can never do that again. Promise me. Elizabeth Keen: We took down dozens of wanted criminals, Recovered millions of dollars in stolen property, and saved innocent lives.

    Elizabeth Keen: You, You're talking about you. Wow,You are so damaged. You can't accept help from anyone. Has anyone ever helped you?

    Is that why you are the way you are,because you don't fee deserving of it. Is that why you can't be vulnerable for a second?

    I risked my life for you because i care about you. Deal with that. And when someone does something nice, you're suppose to say thank you.

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: [answering a call from Elizabeth] Just out of curiosity, what number am I on your speed dial?

    Elizabeth Keen: Chinese takeout. Can we come back to this later? I need your help. Elizabeth Keen: [while talking to Ressler about Reddington, her phone rings] Speak of the devil, it's the devil.

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Have you ever wondered how criminals who know they can't trust one another are still able to conduct business with each other?

    Raymond 'Red' Reddington: The next target on the Blacklist is the physical embodiment of both. He's known as the Courier, and his involvement in a transaction virtually guarantees its success.

    Once he's hired to make a delivery, he can't be bribed, he can't be stopped. If either party attempts to double cross the other, he kills them both.

    The perfect middleman for an imperfect world. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: For being honest with me. In my life, I don't encounter that frequently. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Let me put your mind at ease.

    I'm never telling you everything. Agent Meera Malik: [Ressler knocks out a doorman and forces his way into a nightclub] That was hot. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: [Speaking to Liz] There's nothing more profound and of lasting consequence than the decision to have a child.

    The exploitation and perversion of that decision is the stock and trade of a truly evil organization, The Cyprus Adoption Agency. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Why not?

    You're not one of the good guys, and as of today, you're utterly worthless to the bad guys. Fitch and I have an agreement: he goes about his business, I go about mine.

    You and I don't have an agreement. Diane Fowler: I know the truth, Red Do you want to know the truth? Raymond 'Red' Reddington: More than anything in the world.

    But if you know the truth, Diane, then somebody else does too. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: True. I find them unimaginative and woefully predictable.

    But I am interested in the cases the FBI has wronged over the years. Raymond 'Red' Reddington: The Deer Hunter used to engage his victims up front, in an act of sexual male aggression, but now has shifted to deploying tactics from far off, suggesting a feminine act of cunning.

    Serial killers usually last for two-three years, this one has been active for twelve years. For every rule, there is an exception. The reason you haven't caught your man is because he's a woman.

    I saw Gary Cooper dance on the screen, it was wonderful. Years later when I saw Gary, he looked old and grey. It turned out he had a cracked heart valve, very difficult to fix.

    Retrieved February 20, TV Line. Retrieved May 12, Retrieved May 30, Archived from the original on May 22, May 26, Retrieved May 26, May 22, Hollywood Reporter.

    Retrieved June 6, Retrieved June 20, TV by the Numbers. Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved October 5, Archived from the original on December 5, Retrieved December 3, May 11, Retrieved September 5, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved June 15, Retrieved August 1, The Hollywood Reporter.

    Retrieved June 14, The TV Addict. The Huffington Post. Archived from the original on May 25, Retrieved June 16, Office of Motion Picture and Television Development.

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    Certified Fresh Picks. Black Mirror: Season 5. Into The Dark: Season 2. Lovecraft Country: Season 1. The Mandalorian: Season 1. Saturday Night Live: Season Orphan Black: Season 5.

    Watchmen: Season 1. The Walking Dead: Season Certified Fresh Pick. Samar Navabi episodes, Ryan Eggold Edit Storyline A highly articulate, erudite and intelligent businessman and mastermind, "Red" Reddington, has allegedly been on the "10 Most Wanted List" of various U.

    Taglines: Who's Your Daddy? Edit Did You Know? In , they had conducted 56 successful rescues. Goofs This show, like many from Hollywood that show a lot of gun use, routinely plays a sound effect of a gun being cocked whenever a gun is seen on screen.

    Often the gun shown either has no external hammer and cannot make the sound played or it has already been fired, negating the ability to cock it. This sound effect is used by sound editors that lack an understanding of how firearms operate.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Q: Who is on Reds Blacklist? Q: Why does Red refer to Kaplan as Mr. Country: USA.

    Language: English. Zudem geht er in seinem Auftreten einem alternativen Lebensstil nach. Dennoch überwiegt sein Interesse in dessen Person sowie dessen Vergangenheit, sodass er auf die ungewohnte Vorgehensweise eingeht.

    Am Die Einschaltquoten waren derartig überzeugend, sodass der Fernsehsender im Anschluss eine ganze erste Staffel mit insgesamt 22 Episoden orderte.

    Hinsichtlich der Kritiken war das Echo überwiegend positiv. November auf RTL Crime. Home Serien The Blacklist.

    Nächste Folge:. Fr Jetzt streamen:. Jetzt auf Netflix und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Hintergrundinfos zu The Blacklist Am Deine Bewertung.

    Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Schaue ich. The task force chases an artful bounty hunter employed to target Red's closest associates.

    Meanwhile, Ressler faces a moral dilemma while taking on a new assignment with a former colleague. Where has she been? I missed her. She has been such an integral part of the series.

    Why the void? Was it intentional with the writers? Was there a medical issue? Please let me know. I'm intrigued.

    Thanks to any Sherlock out there. At least point me in the right direction. I'm happy she's back. A very well played character. Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family.

    The Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series that premiered on NBC on September 23, The show follows Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader), a former U.S. Navy officer turned high-profile criminal who voluntarily surrenders to the FBI after eluding capture for dancelistflorida.com tells the FBI that he has a list of the most dangerous criminals in the world which he has compiled Composer(s): Dave Porter, James S. Levine. The Blacklist ist eine Krimiserie von NBC. Der ehemalige Agent Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader) wurde seit Jahrzehnten vom FBI gejagt. Doch dann er /10(). 4/27/ · Directed by Michael W. Watkins. With James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Amir Arison. The task force chases an artful bounty hunter employed to target Red's closest associates. Meanwhile, Ressler faces a moral dilemma while taking on a new assignment with a former colleague/10().

    Bei der Kreditkarte The Blacklist Bewertung es die obligatorischen The Blacklist Bewertung zum Wohnsitz. - Filmhandlung und Hintergrund

    Echt spannender Thriller, Action und Drama Serie, für jeden empfehlenswert.

    Alle Transaktionen mГssen auГerdem bei einem sicheren Online Mini Mango Гber. - Alle Kritiken & Kommentare zu The Blacklist

    Ich freue mich auf Staffel 7.


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